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Animus is the second musical by composers Michael Webborn & Daniel Finn. Originally performed and commissioned by the MTA, London in 2016.

London, 1750. 


Charlotte Donne is left a fortune and a wharf on the Thames after the murder of her father. Frowned upon by her brother and sister after being bequeathed the most in the will, she confesses to her fiancé, Harland, that she capable of running the business, despite his opinion that men should run 


Soon afterward, the wharf is ablaze and we see a girl running into the fire. The crowd and Donne family profess this to be Charlotte, heading into the blaze to try and save the business. We soon find out this is not the case. A plot has been afoot and Charlotte was stabbed and left for dead in an alley a few miles away.

After being found by a thief, Joe, she sets about finding, confronting and taking revenge upon all those who have wronged her.

Being aided by Fanny Penhaligon and the ladies of Ain't-No House on London Bridge, Animus is a tale of murder, mystery and reprisal in some of the darkest times in British history.

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